The piano is known for its great variety of both style and emotion, and this instrument will greatly reward the student with satisfaction and prestige. This department has the finest teachers available in the country as well as professionals from abroad. CDMS prepares for graded examinations of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity Guildhall every year

Keyboard – Western & Classical

A complete instrument which demands the player to go for anything under the title instrumental music. CDMS produces a series of performers every year through this department. The faculty is very much looking for a professional performer out of every single player. CDMS has introduced a new method of classical keyboard lessons, developed by our world class faculty. Western Keyboard is offered with examination from Trinity Guildhall, London.

Violin Western & Karnatic

You can learn this most expressive of instruments at CDMS. We offer the best violin syllabuses and instructors in the country. The violin department consists of two branches; Western and Karnatic. We welcome you to learn with us the Carnatic Violin to its true perfection on a systematic syllabus. Western Violin students are offered with examinations from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music and Trinity Guildhall, London

Guitar – Classic & Acoustic

This emotive instrument is a very popular choice amongst young musicians, and it’s easy to see why, with potential for technical virtuosity and beautiful communication. Our teachers and visit faculty provide you with the best techniques and lessons of all times. Students at CDMS have the opportunity to assess their proficiency through the graded examinations of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Trinity Guildhall and Rockschool as well.

Percussion Bongos & Drums

Often seen as an important as well as a fun way of taking part in music, there is an ever increasing repertoire for this important category of instrument. Percussion also greatly enhances the musicians’ rhythmical sense.

Vocals - Western & Karnatic

The voice is by its nature a very unique instrument, with a tremendous repertoire and variety.  To sing is both a fantastic skill on its own, and a huge help towards understanding of other aspects of music and instrumental playing.  We offer you the vocal examinations from Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity Guildhall.

Pencil Drawing

Sketching sharpens an artist's ability to focus on the most important elements of a subject and is a prescribed part of artistic development for students. Teach yourself the basic techniques of drawing pencil portraits. Discover the art of pencil drawing along with the creative tips we provide.

Glass Painting

Glass painting is a remarkable form of art, comprising gorgeous synthetic colors done up on glass. The combination of glass and paints gives the painting an ethereal appeal. One can unleash one's creativity and paint freehand, or else use templates. CDMS tutors make them even easy to learn, and you can do it without many hassles.

Theory of Music

The CDMS offers to teach this essential study.  It is integral to the development and understanding of instrumental playing, and as such a very interesting and enriching discipline. The aim of Music theory learning is make a thorough understanding of the basics of rhythm and note, and going on to cover harmony and counterpoint, composition, and a broad knowledge of western music, including composers and their works, structure, form, style and period.  We offer you theory examinations from Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity Guildhall. 

Group Training

CDMS trains students for School/College competitions individually and in groups (Orchestra |Ganamela)

Top 10 Musical Instruments for Beginners

Instrument Minimum Age
Keyboard 6
Piano 6
Violin 6
Guitar 6
Cello 6
Percussion 7
Flute 10
Clarinet 10
Double Bass 11
Saxophone 12